CTBT Monitoring Station Completed Near Iran

A primary seismic station within the CTBT’s International Monitoring System (IMS), used to deter and detect nuclear tests, has finished construction in the Middle East. The station, named PS44, was recently completed near Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, a few kilometers from the border of Iran. It is one of 337 monitoring stations around the world designed to verify the CTBT. 75% of the IMS has already been built and certified, and is actively transmitting data.

Keeping the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Safe, Secure and Reliable

It has been more than 17 years since the last U.S. nuclear test explosion. In 1992, following the end of the Cold War and a Russian nuclear test moratorium, President George H. W.

Verification of the CTBT

Detecting a nuclear weapon test explosion has become so effective that no would-be cheater could be confident that a nuclear exp

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