The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Text


Article I: Basic Obligations

Article II: The Organization

       A. General Provisions

       B. The Conference of the States Parties

       C. The Executive Council

       D. The Technical Secretariat

       E. Privileges and Immunities

Article III: National Implementation Measures

Article IV: Verification

       A. General Provisions

       B. The International Monitoring System

       C. Consultation and Clarification

       D. On-Site Inspections

E. Confidence-Building Measures

Article V: Measures to Redress a Situation and to Ensure Compliance, Including Sanctions

Article VI: Settlement of Disputes

Article VII: Amendments

Article VIII: Review of the Treaty

Article IX: Duration and Withdrawal

Article X: Status of the Protocol and the Annexes

Article XI: Signature

Article XII: Ratification

Article XIII: Accession

Article XIV: Entry into Force

Article XV: Reservations

Article XVI: Depositary

Article XVII: Authentic Texts

Annex 1 to the Treaty: List of States Pursuant to Article II, Paragraph 28

Annex 2 to the Treaty: List of States Pursuant to Article XIV


Part I: The International Monitoring System and International Data Centre Functions

       A. General Provisions

       B. Seismological Monitoring

       C. Radionuclide Monitoring

       D. Hydroacoustic Monitoring

       E. Infrasound Monitoring

       F. International Data Centre Functions

Part II: On-Site Inspections

       A. General Provisions

       B. Standing Arrangements

       C. On-Site Inspection Request, Inspection Mandate and Notification of Inspection

       D. Pre-Inspection Activities

E. Conduct of Inspections

Part III: Confidence-Building Measures

Annex 1 to the Protocol

Table 1-A List of Seismological Stations Comprising the Primary Network

Table 1-B List of Seismological Stations Comprising the Auxiliary Network

Table 2-A List of Radionuclide Stations

Table 2-B List of Radionuclide Laboratories

Table 3 List of Hydroacoustic Stations

Table 4 List of Infrasound Stations

Annex 2 to the Protocol

List of Characterization Parameters for International Data Centre Standard Event Screening


CTBT Resolution Adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, September 10, 1996

Resolution Establishing the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization, Adopted by the States Signatories, November 19, 1996

ANNEX: Text on the Establishment of a Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization

APPENDIX: Indicative List of Verification Tasks of the Preparatory Commission

Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Signatories/Ratifiers

Updated April 27, 2009